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Tracking :

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IR map currency : See  "Online Publications" in the main menu

Approach plates currency : "Online Digital TTP" in main menu

Online FAA AF/D : "free Online  Products" in main menu

More airport here (FBOWEB)

Helicopterpilot forum THE Scandinavian forum..

Helicopter Adventures Inc

Aviation maps: online (only US)


My CFI Briefings and other stuff..

NAVIGATION LOG version 3 (calcs WCA, GS and more)

5 min. heli-sking presentation created during CFI ground school


CV and more:

Kimīs Helicopter resume:

Kimīs recommendation from Jens from HAI:

Kim's Resume from HP:

Danish Personal sites

Skast - Bo's site - A Must see is Bo's awesome helicopter videos...

Berta - Bertas site - Much information about becoming pilot

Thomas Jørgensen -

Rune Kyndal -



Aviation maps: online (only US)

Florida TodayS

EDB-Partner  -in Danish My "suspended" IT company in Denmark..

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