Mission and status



July 2008

Kim passed his JAA instrument checkride today (29 July).

So the job hunt has begun..

March 2008

Kim is getting airborne again, starting CPL flying Wednesday..

Furthermore the August IR slot is moved forward.. Yehaa.. start July...



March 2008

Kim completed his JAA Radio and morse studies..

Now i have o wait for the Commercial and Instrument flying to begin, scheduled to August

The Radio/Morse exam contained.

One written theory exam covering IFR flying..
One written theory exam covering VFR flying.. (new rules)
One reception exam containing 10 radio transmissions that has to be written down..
One simulated fight IFR/VFR (new rules)  exam where they judge awareness, phraseology, and so on
One English exam (new rules) where they judge your day 2 day English language and rate it from 1 to 6. If you score 5 you have to be re-examined in 3 years. if you score 6 you don't have to re-examined at all. Radio license holders that have not been tested will get score 5.
One morse exam  (you have to pass this test with 100%)


January   2008

Kim completed his JAA ATPL studies..

It took him 4 month and 10 days..

Next step is the JAA Commercial flying, Radio certificate  and JAA Instrument certificate.

When this will be completed we don't know yet. with the dates we have now the completion will be Dec.

Kim will se if it all can be sped up 


August 2007

The flying has been extreme slow for a long time.. nobody is flying helicopters at our school.. Strange..

Kim has at this point NO chance of getting the magic 1000 hours...


We have decided to move to Denmark again.

We leave the states 19 Sep...

See you soon in DK


May 2007

My flight to the Caribbean islands vent well.. what an trip...

After the trip i returned to Titusville .. the trailer was already packed and ready to go.

I packed the last stuff in the car and drove the CA .. Emma and Heidi flew to my sister who lives to hours outside LA.

When I arrived at LA I worked a few days.. got more R22 and R44 hours and started the apartment hunt.

(I have 60 R44 hours now)

The colleagues at the school shoved a nice vacant apartment and I applied for it.

 well we did not get the place... due to fact that we have Emma...

So we found an other place.. we have now moved in.. been there a 4 days...

-still waiting for power, cable, fridge, internet and a permission to use the shower...

But its a nice apartment...

I will post some pictures later



April 2007

Kim got headhunted by the Robinson pilot after his flight at the Robinson safety course.

Kim will work in the pilots company in LA (Universal Air Academy)

He starts with a ferry flight from LA to The Dominican Republic in a new R-44...

Week 10

Kim is flying as instructor for Helicopter Academy / Boatpix..


Week 6

After a flight with the chief flight instructor at the school I was offered a job !! (imagine the joy)

But before contract signing .. the school lost a big MTP contract (Military Training Program)

SO then suddenly had TOO many instructors . DANG. ..

Job hunting has begun.. 

Got a nice letter from The Chief instructor.. ..se it here


Week 5

Kim passed his LAST check ride today.. he is now Instrument Instructor (CFII) -the American part of the education is completed

Week 3

Back after x-mas ...

Kim has begun his Instrument Instructor training -its estimated to a little over 2 weeks.

When that is completed he will start to look for a job..


Week 50

Kim passed his Instructor checkride.. so he is now certified helicopter instructor.

After our x-mas vacation, its time to finish the last step.. and become Instrument instructor.. that should only take two weeks.

When its done.. ..he will look for a JOB..

Merry Xmas

See u in DK from the 19 Dec..


In the US after January 8


Week 43

Kim has begun the CFI flying --training the practical.

Strange feeling flying left seat -and trying to explain how a helicopter is flown...


Week 43

Kim Passed the LAST FAA written test.. only the oral and practical test left

Emma's growing SO fast these days.. She don't use diapers or dummy any more.. not even at night

She even goes to the toilet .. all by herself. She also speaks more and more English.. 

Heidi is attending courses and are making the most beautiful  cakes..

She has even begun to play tennis ..


Kim just completed 3 weeks of HARD instructor ground school.

Now he must complete 1,5 month of flying and studying ..

After that its time to find a job as instructor somewhere.. .. gee.. ..


Week 37

Kim is working toward the Instructor rating, his ground school starts 2 October

We have Heidi's parents from Denmark as guests these weeks.

Week 36

Kim passed his Commercial checkride today and is thereby Commercial pilot with Instrument rating.

It took 11 weeks for the the commercial and instrument.

We all need some vacation by this point so we are headed for keywest..-just for a 4-5 days.

Heidis parents are comming to stay with usnext monday..


Week 33

Kim passed his Instrument check ride with FAA and received his license :)

Louise and Rasmus is on a trip to Key West.. they will return to us shortly.


Week 32

Kim passed his Instrument stage 2 stagecheck :)

Heidi 's sister and her boyfriend are coming on Thursday for 3 weeks :-)

It took him only 2 month.. including ground school and vacation in Denmark.

And in September Heidi's parents are coming to visit, so Heidi's  sightseeing bus

will be busy :-)



Week 31

Emmas so glad to be back in daycare.

Kim finishes his Instrument rating this month.

His commercial is progressing very fine also.

Heidi is looking in to various cooking classes available here in Orlando

-she might attend one -if she can choose.


Week 30

Heidi and Emma are back in Fl..  so nice to be together again.

Kim is still getting a hole lot of flying and studying done..

He passed 2 FAA written examines and a the HAI instrument final test while we where in DK


Week 26-29

Heidi and Emma are still en Denmark.

So I am getting a hole lot of flying and studying done..

Not much time to write web.. or any news to write abt.


Week 25-26

Week 25 we prepared for the Denmark trip while Kim was finalizing the Instrument ground school.

We spend week 26 in Denmark.. Kim returned to FL to work on flying part of the Instrument rating.


Week 24

Morten And Lone left us again :(

Heidi had her birthday.. we ate at Emeril's Tchoup Chop  and had a romantic walk at Universal city walk.

Kim passed his Final private pilot examines and now hold a private pilot certificate .. and can therefore carry passengers.

We are heading home to Denmark Thursday.


7 June 2006.

We have Morten and Lone from Denmark on vacation .. that's GREAT !.. we love it.

Kim just completed his stage check.. and not has only his check ride left (of his Private pilot part)

His also started on the ground school for he Instrument rating its to 1800 each day..

Heidi has her schedule full.. "Heidi's sightseeing bus" and Emma is fills  her day completely.

By the way.. Emma is doing so fine in daycare.. she sings all the time.... she's a darling :)


26 may 2006

Kim is aiming to finish his private pilot before instrument school starts 5 June.

Morten and Lone is coming to visit us next week ..they stay here for 14 days.

Emma is doing SO well in day-care.. she is picking up a lot of American language.. and is teaching mom and dad new songs.

14 may 2006


Ja så har vi snart boet i Sunny Florida i 3 mdr. puhaaaa tiden flyver af sted, vejret er ved at blive ulidelig 35 grader ( L ) og det forsætter til september.

Det går rigtig godt for Kim, han håber på at blive f¿rdig som privat pilot inden juli og er begyndt at flyve alene i helikopteren J det er helt fantastisk siger han men i starten var han ved at ” skide gr¸nne grise ”

Vi har v¿ret plaget af en del skovbr¿nde, så kim og de andre har ikke kunne flyve, da branden var i de områder de tr¿ner L det er så ved at v¿re i orden, så Kim flyver nu op til 3 gange om dagen.

Det går fint med Emma i vuggestuen / b¸rnehaven, hun er begyndt at kunne forstå noget Amerikansk + snakker nogle ord; Thank you, your welcome, buy buy, see you later, NO,YES og kan t¿lle til 5 ( så det er jo fint J )

Kim og jeg var ude og sv¸mme med delfiner, det var simpelthen en fantastisk oplevelse, vi har begge dr¸mt om og g¸re det, ja hvad kan jeg sige WOW, kan klart anbefale det J

Ellers går tiden med at v¿re hjemmegående ” Desperat housewife ” ha,ha  J er begyndt at unders¸ge om jeg skal studere ”online ” ( over computeren ) hvad ved jeg ikke helt endnu, der er så mange muligheder, men mon ikke jeg finder noget.


4 May 2006

I passed my stage check ride and went solo today pictures here.


3 May 2006

Kim has passed the written and the oral solo stage check, only the practical test to go before the solo.

This will hopefully be within this week.


19 April 2006

I passed the last two private pilot exams (Final & FAA). Now focusing on flying.. :)


19 April 2006

I passed the last two private pilot exams (Final & FAA). Now focusing on flying.. :)

I expect to go Solo in two weeks if the weather is on my side!!.


16 April 2006

Done with ground school for Private pilot.. now only two exams and a written test left of the private theory.

Emma started day-care on Monday, part time and really enjoys it, she will pick up the language really quickly.


9 April 2006

Only 1 week to go and then ground school is over, have 2 exams, so read, read, read.

Heidi and Emma went to SeaWorld with the other Helicopter wife's and had a lot of fun.

The weather is getting hotter ( 28  degrees  ) so we are almost in the swimming pool everyday...nice.


1 April 2006

Fourth week is over at the helicopter ground school, still a lot to learn (weather and airspaces), SOO much to learn.. feels like drinking from a fire hose.

We already have an new exam on Tuesday (stage II).

Flying is coming along.. Kim have 16 hours now.

Kim's car got tinted, so now Emma wont get sun I her eyes -has always been a problem with her. (it looks cool too) -pictures here

Sunny Florida, perfect place for barbequing  Denmark

Heidi tasted the strong sun and now looks like a red lobster, the beach we went to is really nice and the water was nice and cool.

Said goodbye to an English couple, who just finished there 2 year Helicopter training, it is a bit sad when you just got to know people and then they leave .


19 March 2006

Second week is over at the helicopter school, a lot to learn, we already have an exam on Wednesday.

-6 hours in the air by now.

Got the second car, Kim's dream car, he is like a little baby ( He is not allowed to sleep in the car :-) )

Pictures are here.


13 March 2006

First week at the helicopter school, went okay, a lot to learn.

Went to the hospital with Emma, she had a really high fever 40,4

She was checked from A-Z and they found out that it was just a virus :-)


12 March 2006

I started my training Monday and the first week has been ground school. (the first of 6 weeks)

We mostly got familiar with the aircraft .. I further more had my first lesson in the air :)

The next air lesson will be at 1600 today.

It looks like the money from the house is being released..  the second car is being selected next week :)

4 March 2006

We got our Mobil phones ..se contacts for numbers !!.


3 March 2006

We got the US driver licenses !!.

We got a TV.

The money from our house  in Denmark is locked for 4-6 weeks.. no second car until then. :(

1 March 2006

We got the money from our house in Denmark :)

We bought the first car (A Buick Rendezvous for Heidi) pictures here

The furniture's arrived late last night- pictures here


24 Feb 2006

We got the keys, We bought beds.. and are moving in tomorrow:) Pictures added


23 Feb 2006

Signed the apartment in Summerhill we expect to move in in a few days

There are a lot of family's from the school living there with kids.

22 Feb 2006

Arrived in Florida/ Titusville

Staying at the Best Western Hotel in Titusville, room 215

Kim went to the school and bank today, I stayed at the hotel, because Emma is sick :-(

We are going to look at some apartments the next couples of days :-)

There is 1 new photo

Kim went flying with the Sheriff in his helicopter today.....


20 Feb 2006

Bomb Squad removed a grenade from our shed ..se the pictures..


24 Jan 2006

We got the tickets : we are leaving via London -take-off 21 Feb 07:20

We got the storage room...

14 Jan 2006

We got the visa's

The little car is sold.

The TV is sold...

We are leaving DK 21 Feb 05 we are awaiting tickets.

09 Jan 2006

We have sold most of the furniture.....

We are currently packing our stuff.. its a little sad..

Visa papers done... ready for the meeting at the embassy.

3 Jan 2006

I have received the Visa papers from HAI

27 Dec 2005

We have sold our house and the CAR...

30 Nov 05: I have passed the JAA & FAA medical


Training status

Everything is estimated to be done within 10 months from start.

Now its completed.. time for status.. it took 11 months... I could have been quicker (+2 months) if instructors had been available.

Private took to long..  (properly helped to finish my Commercial quicker)

Commercial and Instrument ..took that in 2,5 months.. -almost too fast

CFI/CFII .. took 5 months.. that is WAY too long..   I was 100% prepared but the school could not supply enough instructor power.

OVERALL.. Im QUITE HAPPY with the result.. my advise is:  BE prepared !!  and get an instructor that has time!


Description  Status Date / Progress
Private pilot   Start: March 5
FAA Written test Result 18-Apr
Check ride (License received) Completed 16-Jun
Instrument rating    
FAA Written test Result 19-Jul
Stage 1/3 Completed 8-July  (10 h simulator) 
Stage 2/3 Completed 8-Aug  
Stage 3/3 Completed 16-Aug
Check ride (License received) Completed 17-Aug
Commercial Pilot    
FAA Written test Result  28-Aug
General training Completed 2-Sep
Day dual XC Completed 5-Aug
Night dual XC Completed 4-Jul
Day solo XC Completed 16-Jul
5 hr night solo Completed 28-Aug
5 hr day/night solo Completed 16-Jul
Check ride (License received) Completed 4-Sep
Flight instructor   Ground School Starts October 2
Instructor Ground school (3 wks) Completed  
FAA Written test CFI Result 2-Oct
FAA Written test FOI  Result 25-Oct
Flying Completed  
Check ride (License received) Completed 13-Dec.
Instrument flight instructor    
FAA Written test Result


Flying Completed 30-Jan
Check ride (License received) Completed 30-Jan